Remix Activity

  1. I personally like the internet because it helps me understand some of the things I am learning in school. It also helps me be informed with stuff going around the world and with the things I like. However, I understand how the internet can be a bad thing because lots of negative things can spread easily.
  2. I am not really aware about copyright so I am not really sure if it is working or if it not.
  3. As I stated above, I am not really aware with anything about copyright so I did not choose any for my work.
  4. For this activity, I had my brother draw something for me in orange colored pencil. When he was done I decided to draw and add a little bit of my touch to it in black pen. It did not come out exactly how I expected it to because my brother did not add much to it but it was still overall pretty good.

Artist Conversation #5

Exhibition Information: Artist name: Kiyomi Fukui Website: Instagram: @kiyomimiz

About the Artist: Kiyomi Fukui is a Japanese American artist who resides in Long Beach, California. Ms. Fukui has obtained an MFA in printmaking from California State University of Long Beach. She also received her BFA in graphic design from La Sierra University. Even though she does a lot of print based work, she also practices performance and fiber arts, such as tatting and crocheting.

Formal Analysis: One of Ms. Fukui projects is called “The Green Thumb Project”. She started this gardening project around November 2014 in remembrance of her mother who passed away from cancer. Before her mother she took a molding of her thumb. Once her mother passed she hid the mold because she needed time to process the emotions she felt during the time of her mother’s death. Once she came to terms with her emotions, she knew that she had to do something with the mold of her mothers thumb, that is how she began this project. She took molds of thumbs and then she embedded seeds into the thumbs. She then planted the thumbs into soil and nurtured them into mature plants.

Content Analysis: Ms. Fukui stated that her Green Thumb Project was “to be as pragmatic as it is metaphoric” She went on to explain that she does not have a green thumb so some plants did not grow into mature plants but she did have some that grow into mature plants. She then explained that the relationship between growing the thumbs is also similar to her experience with healing from her mothers death. There were some ups and downs that came with growing the thumbs just like there were ups and downs during her process of healing.

Synthesis/My Experience: In the zoom meeting with Ms. Fukui, she discussed her project “The Green Thumb Project”. I found this project very interesting because I liked how she was able to channel her grief into artwork. It shows that you can use art to help yourself get through tough times. I also thought it was very cool to see that artwork does not just have to be drawings and painting, it can be anything you want it to be.

Graffiti Writing

Pencil sketch
Finished work

This weeks activity was pretty fun to do. Sadly I did not have spray paint like the activity said so I just used sharpies and markers instead. It took me a few tries to get it somewhat how I wanted it to look. It still is not the best but overall I’m satisfied with my work because this was actually the first time I ever wrote my name in “graffiti”. In the pencil sketch you can see that I drew lots of lines trying to make my drawing perfect then I went over the lines I thought were perfect with sharpie. I colored the letters with a different colors and made a pattern with all my favorite colors. I thought it was kinda cool how the color of the “s” was the only color that was pink. I found it very relaxing to draw my name and coloring it with the markers, it was really fun to do when I was bored. I can see myself drawing my name again in a different way or drawing my families name to past time during the remainder of quarantine.

Sustainable Art

  1. My idea for the sustainable art activity was to make a flower.
  2. The materials that I used for this activity were dirt and dead flower petals.
  3. Yes, my idea was simple so I was able to express exactly what I wanted to do.
  4. At first, I did not know what materials to use for this activity but I knew I wanted to creat a flower. Immediately I realized that I should express my idea with materials need for a flower.
  5. I think a kiss should last as long as you have the feeling of wanting to kiss the other person.
  6. I think a great meal should last as 15 minutes. However, if the meal is really great it won’t last too long because you want to eat the meal right away.
  7. I think work of art should last forever because you want to be able to save the piece forever and hang it up in your house.
  8. I think marriage should last forever and as long as you want to be with the other person.
  9. I think the humans life should last as the person wants to live. Some people want to live forever other want to live till they are 80 so it truly is up the the person living for how long they want to live.
  10. I think it does have an an affect in the way we experience them because we know they might not be around forever. People will want to spend time with their loved ones because one ay they will not be there. People will enjoy are as much as they can because one day the piece might get old and not be as valuable.
  11. Yes I think water, air, and land should be long lasting because we need those 3 things to survive. Without air no one will be able to live so their should be an infinite supply of it. The same goes with land and water.
  12. I don’t think one person can make a complete difference when it comes to global warming. If global warming wasn’t as bad as it is right now then their could of been a possibility, but global is really bad right now so I do not think one person can completely fix global warming. One person can try their best to influence other so that more people contribute in trying to stop global warming.

Virtual Art Gallery

For this virtual art gallery assignment, I decided to visit three different artist lands in Minecraft. When I first saw their work I realized they were all very different but after some thought I was able to find some similarities within the artists’ land. These three artists they all created some sort of brown box shaped room in their land. So the theme I decided to go with was shelter/a hiding spot. I decided to go with this theme because all of the artists box shaped rooms are small and remind me of a bomb shelter or a place your are trying to hide in. Their hiding spots all have different aspects but the overall idea of their work is very similar.

Artist #1

Artist #1: In the first artist I noticed they had a small brown house in the middle of their land. The brown house was then surrounded by a bunch of green trees and bushes. Their brown house also had a bunch of windows in the front. This small house fit perfectly with the shelter theme because a house is perfect spot for someone to hide in. I really thought their design was cool because on the outside it looks like an ordinary little house but this small house had a cool little hiding spot in the inside. The back wall is not there and the floor is somewhat lifted which then you can see the small opening on the back side of the house. The small opening is on the opposite end of the entrance so it can serve as a hiding place and even a little bomb shelter if someone wanted to use it like that.

Artist #2

Artist #2: After visiting artist #1 land, I found artist #2. What I first noticed is that these two different people had somewhat similar lands. Artist #1 had only lots of green trees and bushes around their little brown house but artist #2 has it all over their land which makes it look like a forest. Also like artist #1, artist #2 had a raised platform with a secret room underneath. However, unlike artist #1, artist #2 box liked shelter was completely underneath the platform. They did not have anything on top of their platform. I really liked this idea because it makes it very hard to find and is very secretive so it would be a good place to hide out in. I also really liked their land overall because all the green trees make me feel like I am in a forest.

Artist #3

Artist #3: When I went to artist #3 land I noticed that it was very different compared to artist #1 and #2. However, artist #3 had a little shelter place like the previous artists. Their shelter is very small and boxed shaped. The entrance is also on top unlike the design of the other artists. This shelter is not as secretive compared to the others but it does seem like it would be a good spot to hide in. Surrounding the shelter is a bunch of little rocks. I am not really sure what those grey things are on top of the shelter but to me it seems like they are boxes of some sort. However, I do like the idea of having boxes on top of the shelter because it gives it an illusions that the top is solid ground but their is a big squared shaped hole right in top which helps the spot to be even more secretive.


Here is the link:

  1. The goal with my video was to show people how I make lasagna.
  2. Yes I did accomplish my goal for the video. I wanted to show people how I make lasagna.
  3. Next time, I think maybe instead of writing out the directions in the video I would actually just say it out loud or do a voice over.
  4. No I do not think I will ever vlog again because I do not like recording myself and I especially do not like how I sound on video.
  5. I actually do not watch youtube so I do not have a favorite youtuber.
  6. Unfortunately, I do not have a favorite youtuber so I cannot answer this question.
  7. As stated in the previous question, I cannot answer this one as well.
  8. I believe authenticity is defined as how authentic and real something is. Its a bit hard for me to define it but its like a real moment and real emotions, nothing staged for the camera.
  9. I believe performance is something that is staged. The moment is not real and people maybe have been told what to say and how to act when the camera is on.
  10. I think performance and authenticity are the opposite. I believe in one you can see the emotions someone feels within their expressions and the way they talk. It will feel more real. However, for performance it will feel more staged compared to authenticity. People will be told back stage whats going to happen so they have time to prepare or they might be told exactly what to say and how to act when the camera is on them.
  11. I believe that the video clip when Jennifer Aniston is in her home is more authentic compared to when she is in the studio with Jimmy Kimmel. She is not as dressed up, does not seem to have much makeup on, and she is wearing her glasses in the video she is at home. Also, in the video when she is at home she seems to stutter more compared to when she is actually in the studio with Jimmy Kimmel.

Artist Conversation #4

Exhibition Information: Artist: Mahsa Soroudi Exhibition: Nature’s Cadence Website: Instagram: @mahsasoroudi

About the Artist: Mahsa Soroudi was born in Tehran and has a BFA in Visual Communications. When she got older she and her husband moved away so they can make a better life for themselves. They did not know english so once they moved the Malaysia they decided to learn english. Mahsa Soroudi seems to have knowledge about different cultures and seems to be open to explore the different cultures around the world. In her interview with Glenn, she stated that she liked Iran because she didn’t really have any bad experiences. However, she also stated that many people have different opinions about Iran because they may not have had a good experience their.

Formal Analysis: Nature’s Cadence is one of Mahsa project she started in July 2016. In the video she talks about how the experience of her leaving her country made her feel empty and left her feeling gloomy and melancholy. She constantly felt that she would never find her place or settle in the United States, but her plants taught her how to be strong while she struggled to grow her roots here in the United States.

Content Analysis: In her exhibition she shows her idea of resettlement by cutting and replanting succulents. The succulents must learn to adapt into their new ecosystem in order to be able to grow into a new succulent. These succulents symbolize Mahsa because just like them she was in an unfamiliar place and had to learn how to adapt in order to prosper. She doesn’t forget where she came from either and embraces her heritage into her artwork and projects.

Synthesis/My Experience: After Mahsa talked about her succulents you can see how she really does relate to them. Just like the succulents Mahsa started off with a rocky beginning here in the United States but she eventually planted her roots just like the succulents eventually did as well. I feel bad that she had to leave her home due to wanting a better life for herself but I also find that very inspiring. I personally wouldn’t be able to leave my home because I rely on my parents a lot so to see that she was able to leave home and create a new life for herself is very inspiring.

Drawing (Automatic)

Map of upper campus

Automatic Drawing

For the drawing of our school campus, I decided to do upper campus because I know that area more compared to lower and middle campus. More of my class are on upper campus so it was easier to remember that part of campus compared to others. As I was drawing some parts of campus, I remembered some buildings that I missed. However, it was a little to late to draw them in because it would mean I would have to erase a lot of what I had drawn. Overall, I think my map of upper campus came out really good since I just went off my memory. For the second drawing, I did it with my younger brother. However, since we are quarantined in the house we had to use supplies we had at home which were regular printer paper and pens. I wanted to add a little bit of more color so I taped two pens together so it can be a bit more colorful. We closed our eyes and just let our hands take over and we ended up with a drawing that had a lot of swirls. Overall, the drawing was something fun to do during this time being quarantined.

Artist Conversation #3

Exhibition Information: Artist: Sienna Browne Exhibition: Multimedia Room 200 Media: Drawing and Painting Website: Instagram: @siennabrowneart

About the Artist: Sienna Browne is a student at CSULB and she is pursing a BFA and hoping to get her teaching credential soon so she can teach students about art. She is very passionate about art and really wants to share her passion with others. Sienna told our class that a lot of her work deals with body dysmorphia and eating disorders because that is something that she went through for a while. However, she told our class that she is now done creating art about eating disorder and body dysmorphia and wants to create much happier art.

Formal Analysis: Lots of Sienna work contains many colors and all are very detailed. The painting I liked the most was her Ultraviolet Triptych because I never seen art like that and it was very cool to see. In her ultraviolet pieces there are lots of little details. There’s lots of little dots that cover the drawing and there’s a lot of different curvy lines. Even though the painting are not the same, they do look very similar. They have similar colors in them and all paintings have a bunch of little dots and small details. Overall all her paints are very fascinating but her ultraviolet work is memorizing.

Content Analysis: Sienna stated in our class that lots of her work portrays an eating disorder and dysmorphia because it was something she suffered from. She stated that there was a time were she would draw people and little food on their heads as a pun. She realized now that was her way of expressing what she was suffering through which I think is very interesting because she did not realize that at the time she drew these drawings but now she does. You can see in her art that she was going through a dark time because of the art itself and by the color she using throughout.

Synthesis/My Experience: Personally, I really liked Siennas discussion about her art. You can immediately see how passionate she is about her art and sharing her ideas. Her work is absolutely beautiful, you can tell she puts so much effort into each piece she makes. It’s very cool to see all her ideas and the backstory about her health problems reflect into different pieces.

Writing a (Romantic) Pop Song

Lyrics: I can’t look into your eyes anymore /And I feel so blue/ because I don’t have you in my arms every night of my life/ Waking up without you is not something I want to do/ I miss holding you so tight all night/ I don’t know what I’m going to do without you/ The smell of you is lost and missed every night when I think of you/

  1. While I was writing the lyrics for the song, I was thinking about how it would feel losing someone and not having that person in your life anymore. So then you begin to miss the little things
  2. So for the process I kind of just sat in my room and thinking of different ideas and different lyrics. Eventually I had a bunch of lyrics so I just put the ones I thought could go together and then tried to make it flow even more
  3. I did not expect lyrics to just easily come out of my mind so I knew it would be a little challenging. However, it was also surprising because once I got into the groove of things, the lyrics just started coming out of my head.
  4. Of course my sing lyrics are not something that are amazing and going to be in an actual popular song but I feel like the are pretty good for someone who has not written a song before.
  5. It was fun writing these song lyrics but I’m not entirely sure I will write more lyrics unless its for another homework assignment.
  6. If I did write another song I want to try to write about something more happier because the one I just wrote was pretty sad.
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