Virtual Art Gallery

For this virtual art gallery assignment, I decided to visit three different artist lands in Minecraft. When I first saw their work I realized they were all very different but after some thought I was able to find some similarities within the artists’ land. These three artists they all created some sort of brown box shaped room in their land. So the theme I decided to go with was shelter/a hiding spot. I decided to go with this theme because all of the artists box shaped rooms are small and remind me of a bomb shelter or a place your are trying to hide in. Their hiding spots all have different aspects but the overall idea of their work is very similar.

Artist #1

Artist #1: In the first artist I noticed they had a small brown house in the middle of their land. The brown house was then surrounded by a bunch of green trees and bushes. Their brown house also had a bunch of windows in the front. This small house fit perfectly with the shelter theme because a house is perfect spot for someone to hide in. I really thought their design was cool because on the outside it looks like an ordinary little house but this small house had a cool little hiding spot in the inside. The back wall is not there and the floor is somewhat lifted which then you can see the small opening on the back side of the house. The small opening is on the opposite end of the entrance so it can serve as a hiding place and even a little bomb shelter if someone wanted to use it like that.

Artist #2

Artist #2: After visiting artist #1 land, I found artist #2. What I first noticed is that these two different people had somewhat similar lands. Artist #1 had only lots of green trees and bushes around their little brown house but artist #2 has it all over their land which makes it look like a forest. Also like artist #1, artist #2 had a raised platform with a secret room underneath. However, unlike artist #1, artist #2 box liked shelter was completely underneath the platform. They did not have anything on top of their platform. I really liked this idea because it makes it very hard to find and is very secretive so it would be a good place to hide out in. I also really liked their land overall because all the green trees make me feel like I am in a forest.

Artist #3

Artist #3: When I went to artist #3 land I noticed that it was very different compared to artist #1 and #2. However, artist #3 had a little shelter place like the previous artists. Their shelter is very small and boxed shaped. The entrance is also on top unlike the design of the other artists. This shelter is not as secretive compared to the others but it does seem like it would be a good spot to hide in. Surrounding the shelter is a bunch of little rocks. I am not really sure what those grey things are on top of the shelter but to me it seems like they are boxes of some sort. However, I do like the idea of having boxes on top of the shelter because it gives it an illusions that the top is solid ground but their is a big squared shaped hole right in top which helps the spot to be even more secretive.

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