Artist Conversation #4

Exhibition Information: Artist: Mahsa Soroudi Exhibition: Nature’s Cadence Website: Instagram: @mahsasoroudi

About the Artist: Mahsa Soroudi was born in Tehran and has a BFA in Visual Communications. When she got older she and her husband moved away so they can make a better life for themselves. They did not know english so once they moved the Malaysia they decided to learn english. Mahsa Soroudi seems to have knowledge about different cultures and seems to be open to explore the different cultures around the world. In her interview with Glenn, she stated that she liked Iran because she didn’t really have any bad experiences. However, she also stated that many people have different opinions about Iran because they may not have had a good experience their.

Formal Analysis: Nature’s Cadence is one of Mahsa project she started in July 2016. In the video she talks about how the experience of her leaving her country made her feel empty and left her feeling gloomy and melancholy. She constantly felt that she would never find her place or settle in the United States, but her plants taught her how to be strong while she struggled to grow her roots here in the United States.

Content Analysis: In her exhibition she shows her idea of resettlement by cutting and replanting succulents. The succulents must learn to adapt into their new ecosystem in order to be able to grow into a new succulent. These succulents symbolize Mahsa because just like them she was in an unfamiliar place and had to learn how to adapt in order to prosper. She doesn’t forget where she came from either and embraces her heritage into her artwork and projects.

Synthesis/My Experience: After Mahsa talked about her succulents you can see how she really does relate to them. Just like the succulents Mahsa started off with a rocky beginning here in the United States but she eventually planted her roots just like the succulents eventually did as well. I feel bad that she had to leave her home due to wanting a better life for herself but I also find that very inspiring. I personally wouldn’t be able to leave my home because I rely on my parents a lot so to see that she was able to leave home and create a new life for herself is very inspiring.

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