Sustainable Art

  1. My idea for the sustainable art activity was to make a flower.
  2. The materials that I used for this activity were dirt and dead flower petals.
  3. Yes, my idea was simple so I was able to express exactly what I wanted to do.
  4. At first, I did not know what materials to use for this activity but I knew I wanted to creat a flower. Immediately I realized that I should express my idea with materials need for a flower.
  5. I think a kiss should last as long as you have the feeling of wanting to kiss the other person.
  6. I think a great meal should last as 15 minutes. However, if the meal is really great it won’t last too long because you want to eat the meal right away.
  7. I think work of art should last forever because you want to be able to save the piece forever and hang it up in your house.
  8. I think marriage should last forever and as long as you want to be with the other person.
  9. I think the humans life should last as the person wants to live. Some people want to live forever other want to live till they are 80 so it truly is up the the person living for how long they want to live.
  10. I think it does have an an affect in the way we experience them because we know they might not be around forever. People will want to spend time with their loved ones because one ay they will not be there. People will enjoy are as much as they can because one day the piece might get old and not be as valuable.
  11. Yes I think water, air, and land should be long lasting because we need those 3 things to survive. Without air no one will be able to live so their should be an infinite supply of it. The same goes with land and water.
  12. I don’t think one person can make a complete difference when it comes to global warming. If global warming wasn’t as bad as it is right now then their could of been a possibility, but global is really bad right now so I do not think one person can completely fix global warming. One person can try their best to influence other so that more people contribute in trying to stop global warming.

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