Artist Conversation #5

Exhibition Information: Artist name: Kiyomi Fukui Website: Instagram: @kiyomimiz

About the Artist: Kiyomi Fukui is a Japanese American artist who resides in Long Beach, California. Ms. Fukui has obtained an MFA in printmaking from California State University of Long Beach. She also received her BFA in graphic design from La Sierra University. Even though she does a lot of print based work, she also practices performance and fiber arts, such as tatting and crocheting.

Formal Analysis: One of Ms. Fukui projects is called “The Green Thumb Project”. She started this gardening project around November 2014 in remembrance of her mother who passed away from cancer. Before her mother she took a molding of her thumb. Once her mother passed she hid the mold because she needed time to process the emotions she felt during the time of her mother’s death. Once she came to terms with her emotions, she knew that she had to do something with the mold of her mothers thumb, that is how she began this project. She took molds of thumbs and then she embedded seeds into the thumbs. She then planted the thumbs into soil and nurtured them into mature plants.

Content Analysis: Ms. Fukui stated that her Green Thumb Project was “to be as pragmatic as it is metaphoric” She went on to explain that she does not have a green thumb so some plants did not grow into mature plants but she did have some that grow into mature plants. She then explained that the relationship between growing the thumbs is also similar to her experience with healing from her mothers death. There were some ups and downs that came with growing the thumbs just like there were ups and downs during her process of healing.

Synthesis/My Experience: In the zoom meeting with Ms. Fukui, she discussed her project “The Green Thumb Project”. I found this project very interesting because I liked how she was able to channel her grief into artwork. It shows that you can use art to help yourself get through tough times. I also thought it was very cool to see that artwork does not just have to be drawings and painting, it can be anything you want it to be.

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